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Which of the definitions of Swedish "land" is landj translated to? Could it mean any of the Swedish ones? Svenji 5 oktober 2009 kl. 19.14 (CEST)

Yes, but I don't know definition 2 (odlingslott) because I don't know what it means. --Ooswesthoesbes 6 oktober 2009 kl. 06.27 (CEST)
"Odlingslott" may not be the optimal choice of definition. The meaning is, I believe, the same as definition 5 for English "land": Ground that is suitable for farming", or maybe "(small) area used for cultivation". "Jag har ett land med morötter i trädgården (I have a land of carrots in the backyard)". ~ Dodde 6 oktober 2009 kl. 07.37 (CEST)
I think that's definition 2 at li.wikt: Det deil dès aersbaoms det sjikkelik zie veur ódder gebroek wuuerdj veur beboewing, landjsboew ódder vieësteiltj. - (lit.translation) that part of the earth bottom that suitable is for other used is for cultivation, agriculture or stock rearing. So I think li "landj" means all definitions of sv "land" :) --Ooswesthoesbes 6 oktober 2009 kl. 07.42 (CEST)
According to that, I have changed this entry to contain four definitions, like the Swedish entry of "land". I am not sure I've chosen the best layout, but atleast it is more clear that all currently expressed meanings of Swedish "land" apply to landj too, than not identify the meanings at all. ~ Dodde 7 oktober 2009 kl. 05.10 (CEST)
Ok :) --Ooswesthoesbes 7 oktober 2009 kl. 06.04 (CEST)