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Please replace the currently used wikibooks logo with Image:Wikibooks-logo.svg. Thanks. 26 maj 2007 kl. 23.03 (CEST)

Seems as the clickability of the image is destroyed by exchanging the .png image with a .svg image. Is the .png image going to be deleted, or what? So thanks for the hint of the new image, but no, we will at the moment not change it, unless someone more technically savvy than I am finds a way to make the .svg clickable. \Mike 27 maj 2007 kl. 13.38 (CEST)
The png image will be deleted soon, please change it or uplaod it locally. Lcarsdata 30 maj 2007 kl. 18.47 (CEST)
Sorry for writing an angry message and later finding out I'd been looking at the wrong picture on commons... But as you wrote, the imagemap should be fixed to work with .svgs before it's deleted. \Mike 31 maj 2007 kl. 11.37 (CEST)

Sidan Wikisource:Huvudsida finns inte på engelska wikisource, det är bättre om ni länkar till svenska wikisource, s:Huvudsida. / 31 maj 2007 kl. 11.47 (CEST)

Tack för påpekandet, men "ni"? Vad är det för pronomen i detta sammanhang? ;) \Mike 31 maj 2007 kl. 13.22 (CEST)