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Hej arbetskamrater! The original of the English word "kid" is a "young goat" (Norwegian: killing). Is this properly translatable to Swedish? --Ooswesthoesbes 29 mars 2010 kl. 21.05 (CEST)Svara[svara]

The word 'killing' has the same meaning in Swedish (unge till get). Bounce1337 29 mars 2010 kl. 21.20 (CEST)Svara[svara]
...while "kid" has the (obviously related) meaning of young deer, as stated in the article. Ever wonder 29 mars 2010 kl. 21.23 (CEST)Svara[svara]
Oh, sorry, I was too dómb to check on an entry here.. Thank you! :) --Ooswesthoesbes 30 mars 2010 kl. 18.26 (CEST)Svara[svara]